The movie starts with the quick recap of its prequel, and the beginning title animations deserves international awards, never seen such 3d animated character portraying the story. The movie takes-off with comedy, then slowly it gets deeper into action and into goose bumpy interval bang. 2nd half goes into intense nail biting drama and twists. Finally the battle between Sivudu & Ballaldeva.

Good on:

Story, Screenplay superb, as we know that this sequel holds the complete story, drama

Art department, VFX stood as backbone, as 99% of the movie involves mind-blowing visuals which we usually watch from H-wood.

The initial 45min was hooked with humor and casual comedy punches. (mama-alludu comedy, fooling of subbaraju)

Directors vision on grander scale.

Extra-mile rich Production values.

Lead pair Prabhas & Anuska, both lived in their roles.

RR by Keeravani brought, goosebumps and keeps us engaged with the story.

Other departments did excellent.

Lot of goose-bumpy scenes, which keeps us engaging, especially interval bang.

Can be better:

Thought the last 15min was good, but it appeared a bit mess with CG work especially war sequence.

Bottom line:

Rajamouli is no doubt, a phenomenal director, with his vision he molded the Magnum Opus Baahubali as a tsunami to Indian Cinema History.

No wonder, this movie would grab collections range of 800-1000 Cr effortlessly. Its a movie which will exceeds our expectation, and it will set a new benchmark for Indian cinemas.

Compared to its prequel, this is far better one in all the aspects, and it will not get you bored even for a single minute.


*** Saaho Rajamouli, Saaho Prabhas, Saaho Baahubali ***

Rating: 4/5

-Kart Bordy Reviews