Bharat Ram (Mahesh) is a student in London who earned multiple degrees, he flies to Hyderabad after his father Raghava Raja’s demise. Varadharajulu (Prakash Raj) worried about the party issues, and he compels Mahesh to take charge as CM after his father. Starting from first day of his role, he tries to take aggressive actions which are comes from his heart, and because of this adverse effects Prakash Raj warns him not take such prompt decision, and he should consult the cabinet for any proposals. But Mahesh acts in his own way.
He finds Vasmumathi (Kiara) in the bus stop, and falls in love with her. Her father is a constable, played by Rao Ramesh. MB & Kiara gets close to each other, and she does some research under the CM’s investigation team. What happens next to their love story, and his political career? Will this love impacts his political career?

Mahesh’s dignified performance.
Gained momentum from press meet onwards, from there it took an interesting turn and ending was good.
Cinematography, Production values, Music, Dialogues, Screenplay.
Few scenes brought goose bumps like assembly scenes &
Title song, and relevant bgscore elevated the content.

Would have been better:
Bit slow narration.
Nothing much for Kiara to offer, she got tiny role.
2nd half was dragged until last 20min.

Bottom Line:
It’s a good movie with lot of emotional values & content. Overall, the slow pace narration & dragged content in 2nd half makes us bit bored. Apart from that this movie stands firm in many aspects like boasting strong message, content, screenplay, artist’s performance.

Mahesh’s … One Man CM Show.

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Rating: 3/5