Let’s talk about story… A family head (Satya Raj) of a joint family who lives in Vijayawada, loves to live together irrespective of problems. Due to some disputes, their family gets separated. Whether Mahesh brings it back or not?

Good on:

Mahesh & Rao Ramesh


Novelty touch.

Few Dialogues.

Interval 10min.


Would have been better:

Poor romantic track with two actresses Kajal n Sam

No story

No entertainment

No comedy

No proper script.

Inconsistency throughout the movie

Un-necessary dragged scenes/episodes

Un-digestible 2nd half.

Notable things:

-Usually, we feel bored when songs disturb the movie, but surprisingly you feel better whenever a song comes.

-Concept is okay, but the execution, scripts are awful.

-Because of the disconnect 2nd half, we will not connect to the climax.


-The director would have included a point, that Satya Raj’s wrote in his diary about his life time wish to meet his entire family upto 7 generations. And Mahesh would come to know about this, after reading his father’s diary. So, this drives him strongly & started the India tour to find the seven generations people as the last wish of his father.

-As Mahesh is well capable to manage comedy timing, writer would have provided scope to play some drama comedy track instead of continuously bugging about family, celebrations, dances, parties, sit together etc.

Bottom line:

It’s not Brahmo’tsavam, its Karmo’tsavam

Mahesh’s factor, dialogues & songs atleast tried to save the flick.



-Kart Bordy reviews