The movie begins by narrating the stories of 3 dearest friends Devi (Bhupal) Sri (Dhanaraj) & Prasad (Nandan). One day they will go for a movie shooting to get the glance of their favorite actress Leela (Pooja Ramachandran). Later she dies in a road accident, and the corpse goes to mortuary where Dhanaraj works as ward boy. So, all of the 3 goes to see her closely, then they will get some crazy ideas with that body. What happened next should be watched on screen!!


Decent job done by all of the, but Bhupal Raju steals the show with his balanced way of portraying lust & friendship.

For those who watch the trailer, they may feel weird about the movie, but actually it’s not. What we see in the trailer, is completely different from what we see in screenplay. Great transformation in deceptive manner.

Director Sri Kishore has shown a lot of improvement compared to his previous flicks (Sasesham, Bhoo), and for this one it is evident that he has done a lot of ground work to roll-out this project.

Good on

Nice job by actors.

Interval, Climax Twists.

Engaging story & screenplay.

Good direction, bgscore.

Would have been better

At climax, when Posani was revealing the story, I felt like as if he was narrating a puppet show. Instead, if some serious mode/voice of revealing would have been added a lot to the thrill.
When 2nd half goes on a bit slow paced, drunken scenes of Jabardast Venu was felt dragged.

Bottom Line:

Deceptive Narration. Engaging thriller with decent twists.

Watch it without expectations, you will not get disappointed.

Kart Bordy Reviews

Rating: 3/5