The two different love stories of Krishna hails a village from Chittor dist, where as Arjun from Chez Republic (Europe). Krishna loves Rukshar, and Arjun loves Anupama. Things get worst and will separate these pairs, which leads K & A to rush to Hyderabad. And by the time they meet their girls, some interesting twist will happen, which will make them fight for their girls. That’s K & A Yuddam.
-Nani nailed in dual roles, he played in contrast for both Rayalaseema dialect and bro-slang and did justice.
-Actress Anupama & Rukshar were apt and done decent job.
-Interval bang was good.
-Humour in 1st half.
-Chasing action in 2nd half.
– Direction, Screenplay, Cinematography were good and music was just okay but bgscore was elevated though!
-Commercial story with social element touch ‘Women Trafficking’
Would have been better:
– Lengthy 1st half, and lack of depth in emotions at some scenes.
– Arjun character would need more convincing, I felt like a natural star was acting in un-natural way.
-Songs would have been better.
The first session took-off on bit slow placed upto 45min there was nothing but introductions, and later the screenplay gained momentum when Arjun realizes the love with Anupama.
– Sandwich narration sometimes helpful, however sometimes it let’s down the emotion by abrupt switching. During 1st half you would see many such cases.
– Comedy tracks like Music training by Bhrahmaji was hilarious, and online shopping OTP by Prabhas Srinu brought few laughs.
Bottom Line:
Overall its okay movie and good comeback for Nani, and he makes it a watchable and Krishna scores well than Arjuna. Though Nani acted well during 2nd half, however the movie goes straight forward without much interesting screenplay leaves this movie as just an average one. But this is a bit better than the previous ones like MCA, Nenu Local, Majnu.
Krishna acted natural, where as Arjun was unnatural.
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Rating: 2.75/5
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