Surya (Bunny) is an angry army soldier who always dreams about doing service at India-Pak border. One day he kills a terrorist who is in custody and because of this unordered action he gets dismissed from the army. And as a last chance to join army he was asked by Army major to get a letter of recommendation from the great Indian psychiatrist Arjun. Who is the father of Bunny. The things gets worst and Arjun gives 21 days challenges Bunny to stay calm & live normal life.

What happens next, whether Bunny can control his anger and stayed or not?


It’s a challenging thing to blend the patriotism with commercial elements, and at the same time the commercial things should not get overboard which would ruin the whole plot.

Bunny is a prominent actor and no needs an introduction for this energy, and he carried the whole movie just on his shoulder. Infact there was no other pillar to help him.

Coming to the technical departments, firstly need to mention about Cinematography which was adequate to capture the mood. Music by Vishal-Sekhar succeeded on parts but failed majorly. Except a chartbuster, rest were duds. Bgscore was okay though. Director Vakkantham Vamsi had put effort, but failed to make deep impact on emotions. Except Bunny, Arjun, the others got tiny roles, and had nothing much to offer. Anu Immanuel got petite role, only added minor contribution with romantic/breakup tracks. Posani brought few laughs with the word “Border”.

Overall Story wise & Screenplay wise they are decent, but in execution if failed to bring the emotion and at the final we may feel end up watching an artificial content. Compared to his average Sarainodu, DJ this movie is far better. Collections wise this movie can create records because of the box office stamina and star image of Bunny.


Bunny’s energetic performance & emotions.

“Lover Also Fighter Also” music track stands out with spending dance performance by Bunny, especially playing with cap all the way.

1st half, interval bang.

Would have been better:

Uneven 2nd half & a bit lengthy run towards pre-climax to climax

Lengthy fight with goons & abrupt “Iraga Iraga” song killed the pace.

Bottom Line: Watch it without expectations, you will not get disappointed.

Na Peru Surya: Not on the meticulous border.

Kart Bordy Reviews

Rating: 3/5