Decades ago, there was a family who has a daughter named Coco. Her mom Imelda was a singer & father was famous guitarist Rivera. One day he abandons his family to reach higher in his profession. Since then no one in his family like’s musicians, singers. The current generation grand-grandson name is Miguel, he likes music a lot, hides his interest from his family. One day he gets a chance to participate in music competition, then he steals Rivera’s old guitar then he will be cursed by the dead. Eventually, he would be invisible to the living, but visible to the dead. Then his family ancestors would take him to their “Land of Dead” to fix this problem. There he will receive the blessings from his grandparents to go back home with a condition that not to go with music again. Back at living place, then he touches the guitar again & again he will be back to the Land of Dead. Then he meets a new friend named Hector who helps him to find De la Cruz (Rivera), in his journey with the new friend he comes to know many things, and what happened next must be watched on the big-screen.


There are many scenes which appear innovative, few of them are while narrating the Final Death for the forgotten souls, floral bridges, staircase buildings depicted in soul’s world.

The way they portrayed the skull body for dead ones was utterly great.

We seldom get these kind of movies with such a great concept and narration.


Brilliant story, screenplay & narration.
Emotional treat.
Many heart touching moments.
Climax twists.

Bottom Line:

A wonderful journey from the “Land of Living” to “Land of Death”.
A must watch movie without fail.

Kart Bordy Reviews

Rating: 4/5