The story of 3 friends (Ashwin, Vennela Kishore, Praveen) buys a resort, and in their room they feel that there is a ghost living with them. Later, they will approach Mentalist Nagarjuna to get rid of this problem. Then, Nagarjuna realizes that its a girl in spirit form but not any Ghost. Then how he communicates with that Spirit (Samantha)


– Samantha natural acting, she played the spirit role effortlessly.
– Nagarjuna’s role as Mentalist, and tries to resolve many criminal issues with his skills.
-Communication with Spirit
– Last 30min was dealt greatly, and Samantha’s acting added a lot.
– Cinematography, lot of aerial shots capturing beach, resort etc.

Would have been better:

– Initial 40min was nothing much to offer.
– Being a comedy horror, these two elements were almost missing.
– Pale comedy track in 1st half.

Noticable Things:

– Heart of the film is Samantha’s character (as Amrutha), was very much elevated with sensible nature and lot of pain in her.
– Usually, for horror movies the climax will be bored. But this one glues you until the last minute.

Bottom Line:

“Heart Felt Pain of a Spirit, with lot of Emotional Drama”

After Manam movie, this is one of the successful combination of Nag & Sam.

Rating: 3.25/5

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