The story is based in 1980’s nativity, Chitti babu and his family hails from a village called Rangasthalam, which is being ruled by Sarpanch (played by Jagapathi Babu). The local farmers face lot of problems while paying interests after lending money from society. One day Sam faces the land dispute issue with the govt, then how Charan, Aadhi reacts to that and how they change the situation. Later Aadhi signs petition for Sarpanch as competition for Jagapathi Babu, then what happens to Aadhi and how Charan takes revenge? Who is the real culprit?

– First half went hilarious, and second half brought the real depth in characters. The interval bang was good & climax twist was out of the box, when we were ended up with no clue.
– Charan lived in the Chitti Babu’s character as deaf person, and we couldn’t think of any other for this role, because he portrayed the character with such an ease.
– Sam is well known for her natural acting, starting from the intro scene she has done great job.
– Aadhi Pinisetti, Jagapathi Babu, Anasuya got decent full-time roles, and other cast did great job.
– Sukumar’s direction and screenplay, ofcourse no one needs introduction.
– Each and every technical departments did great job like Cinematography, Art, Music, Bgscore, Choreography. What else?? everyone has nailed the show.

Would have been better:
Trimming of 10 min about would be an added advantage.

Story wise, as you already know how a village story would be like and their local sarpanch monarchism. It’s almost the similar plot, but what stands out is Sukumar’s screenplay and the way of storytelling.

After watching the trailer and I had lot of questions that came up in to my mind, “Being Sukku as prominent screenplay writer, why he has chosen this type of subject? Can this appeal all types of audience? Can this flick make us to sit for 3hrs? Will it have peak scenes which keep us at the edge of the seat?”
But all of those questions were faded out after watching it. Its a brilliantly executed movie, technical par excellence.

This movie contributes as the one of the valuable and can grab the position among top 10 all time historic Telugu movies. Besides Rajamouli, Sukumar is the only director who can live upto expectations, and will never disappoint with his screenplay/storytelling. 

Bottom line:
A perfect story telling movie with humor & great emotions, and this would remains as career best for both Charan & Sukumar.

Rating: (3.25-3.5)/5
Kart Bordy Reviews.