28 years ago, Ram Gopal Varma made his debut with Siva featuring King Nagarjuna. The film explored college politics and the impact of anti-social elements on the same. The film has become a roaring hit and has also won several awards. The film has been enormously praised for the introduction of new sound techniques.

Akkineni Nagarjuna found director Ram Gopal Varma after a 28-year hiatus for a crime thriller. The untitled drama to come was launched today on Nov. 20 at Annapurna Studios. The shooting of Muhurtham was filmed on King Nagarjuna with RGV’s mother and brother Venkat and Yarlagadda Surendra, guests of Nagarjuna. On this occasion, RGV said: “The people comment that Ram Gopal Varma has lost his head.Some have opined that the juices in me have finished.I agree that I lost my head, but that my creative talents flow or not, you will now notice with this movie.