After her visit to Bigg Boss Telugu, which made her famous, Kathi Mahesh, a filmmaker turned filmmaker, now hopes to make a name for himself at the 20th India International Children’s Film Festival: The Golden Elephant. How? Her children’s film, Egise Tarajuvvalu, is in the running for the highlights of the biennial event which will begin in Hyderabad on 8 November. “This is the only feature in Telugu that has made the cup among a total of 1402 entries from around the world that were submitted to the jury this year,” Mahesh reveals.

Drawing on the story of a class VII band from a government school who want to participate in a science award, the film fights for a pedagogical change from learning by heart to experiential learning.

“The life of a class of 28 students in a small town takes a new turn when a new science teacher (played by Sowmya Venugopal) joins his school, instills a scientific temperament among students and incites them to participate in a prize scientist “The way these students overcome obstacles and take up the challenge forms the crux of the film,” says Mahesh, adding, “Unfortunately, science is not limited to engineering or medicine in India today . it is a way of thinking that motivates people to challenge everything and paves the way for a democratic world order. This is the inherent message that the film seeks to drive home.

The children artists Yeshwant and Hasini play the leading roles in the film. “All the children of the film are beginners. So we organized a 10-day workshop before we started shooting, “says Mahesh, who signed.