The Bengali film industry will watch Tuesday a 15-minute blackout to show solidarity with Sanjay Leela Bhansali and his film Padmavati, and denounce the attempts of some groups to ban the film.

Award-winning national filmmaker Goutam Ghose, actor Prosenjit Chatterjee, producer Shrikant Mohta and others held a press conference Monday in Tollygunge and announced the decision. Members of the East Indian Film Directors ‘Association, the Artists’ Forum and the Federation of Film Technicians and Workers were also present.

“We will see a 15-minute break from 12 noon to 12:15 tomorrow (Tuesday) to mark our protest against the things that are happening about Padmavati, which will be a complete stop for all departments, from studios to post-office units. This will be seen in every studio and location around the state, “Ghose told the press conference.

“We are ready to hold a debate on the film once it comes out to find out if it is a fiction or a representation of the real story.” What’s happening on behalf of the protests is Unfortunately, at a time when we are holding smartphones in our hands, some people are returning to the medieval period.The CBFC decides if the film is suitable for a public exhibition or not.If there is an objection, the producer can appeal and proceed in court.

The protests concerning the film have no logic. We must first find out why they are taking place, “said Ghose.

Representatives of the film industry also criticized statements by BJP leader Haryana against Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee for supporting Bhansali.

“As a filmmaker or producer, do not I have the freedom to make controversial films?” There is a censorship committee to follow up. “This has always been the process, but how can we protest against a film? Without even looking at it, if that continues, then we must take the permission of each individual before we release our films.We can not let such things restrict our creative freedom, “said Chatterjee.

Producer Shrikant Mohta said, “The chief minister of West Bengal only talked about releasing the film here, it did not hurt people’s feelings or say anything wrong with it. ashamed. ”

On Sunday, Ashok Pandit, president of the Indian Film and Television Producers Association (IFTDA), called for a 15-minute deadline for the entire Indian film industry to register his protest.

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