A Central Bureau of Investigations (CBI) officer, Nageshwar Rao, was arrested Tuesday at Rajiv Gandhi International Airport (RGI) in Hyderabad, with a net sum of 26 lakhs.

Acting on the complaint of the tax officer at RGI airport in Shamshabad, RGI airport police arrested Rao and seized a fake CBI employee ID card, four envelope covers from the CBI department, a letter from the Central Vigilance Commission and a pension. pass of the accused.

The accused is placed in judicial detention.

The amount in cash was seized by the officials of the Department of the income tax, on the confessions made by Rao.

The accused was traveling from Vijayawada with 26,000,000 rupees in order to discharge an employee of Panchayath Department from official work in the court, whose case had long been pending before the court. He was arrested when he went down to the airport.

By using the fake I.D. card, he had developed an acquaintance with said employee, and also used to take care of the official work at the A.P.

The accused previously worked as an account manager in a private company and, due to the lockout of the company, he moved to Vijayawada in 2014, where he worked as an accountant in a company. However, due to poor health, he was removed from service.

Since then he has posed as CBI’s Deputy Chief of Investigations, to make money easily.