Legal wrangling over areas of J Jayalalithaa and his other assets have just begun to warm up, a year after being extended to the Marina. These will soon reach a boiling point giving way to the appointment of a director to manage assets, say lawyers.

There are several potential applicants for assets that fall into three categories: held before Jayalalithaa became chief minister in 1991, acquired during his 1991-96 term and frozen because of the corruption case, and property acquired after 1996 .

A quick calculation of Jayalalithaa’s movable property, including 28 kg of gold and diamond jewelery in a Karnataka locker and real estate across Tamil Nadu and Hyderabad, would show that they are worth more than Rs 1,000 crore now. Since she has not left behind a will + bequeathing even the unauthorized property to anyone, it will be a long legal process before someone legitimately inherits it.

“It will not be a short process,” said former Tamil Nadu prosecutor S Jayakumar. “She did not leave a will and in addition to her legal heir Deepa and her brother Deepak, there are reports of new applicants who, if proven, could become the Class 1 heir.” said Jayakumar, accompanied by N Jyothi. , has been the trusted advocate for Jayalalithaa for several crucial years. “If the plaintiffs ask for a certificate of legal heir, the responsibility for verifying their authenticity will rest with the tax authorities, but only the courts will be able to solve the problem, but it will take a lot of time,” he said.