Telangana Special Police Thursday killed seven members of the Janashakti group during a firefight that took place in the Tekulapally Forest near Bodu village in Bhadradri-Kottagudem district of Telangana.

According to Special Intelligence Branch sources, the seven naxals, mostly former executives, have come together and formed a “dalam” that has been operating in the region for two months.

A senior police official said: “The Janashakti naxals were operating in Jayashankar Bhupalapally District, Bhadradri Kottagudem and Mahabubabad, who were terrorizing the area with extortion and threatening to kill entrepreneurs and traders. DALAM was spotted on Thursday, Naxals opened fire on the police, one of the DALAM members was carrying an SLR (automatic loading rifle) and short guns, and the police fired back, killing seven and injuring several others. also escaped “