Chandrababu Naidu, will take longer to break ties with BJP, after entering into an alliance with actor Pawan Kalyan’s Jana Sena, spreading the five-percent reserve to the Kapus and announcing more of the budget next year.

An internal party assessment indicates that TD has overtaken the BJP over the controversy over the Polavaram Dam as the Center was unable to deliver on its promises to the state.

A key TD government official told the newspaper: “Mr. Naidu is in no hurry to withdraw from the NDA right now, he will wait for a politically opportune moment, it could take a few more months.” Naidu will take the time to consolidate the party base, he said. Based on the internal evaluation, the TD Government has been successful in communicating to the general public that the Center is not cooperative with respect to the Polavaram Project and other important issues of the PA Reorganization Act.

The BJP was not able to counter the message and defend the Center. Party leadership delayed the appointment of the state BJP leader for a year and a half after party chairman Amit Shah made the announcement to Rajahmundry. This allowed the DT to establish its argument that it is doing its best despite the lack of help from the Center.

The source stated that Naidu was not opposed to an affair with Jana Sena by Mr. Pawan Kalyan for 2019. TD expects more young people to turn to TD after finalizing the unemployment benefit and creating more jobs, besides Mr. Kalyan who remains a popular film actor.

The Kapus Reserve is also intended to strengthen the voting base in at least eight districts of the Andhra and Rayalaseema coast.

According to a senior cabinet minister, Naidu, the Chief Minister will introduce a program for the backward classes to help them acquire more sophisticated and modern tools and equipment for their traditional trades. “This may sound like the resumption of the” Aadarana “system for communities in BC Probably the funds will be allocated for this purpose,” he said.