Veteran actor Kamal Haasan, who was announced for his political debut, attacked the Tamil Nadu ruling party, the AIADMK, against last week’s taxes on properties related to VK Sasikala, members of its family and Poes Garden J Jayalalithaa. residence in Chennai.

“Theft by a government is a crime, but does not prove after fraying, is it not a crime too?” Haasan tweeted.

“The examination bell is gone, the criminals should not reign … People should become judges, wake up and stand up, people should act, people should have the function of the republic,” he said. added. The Income Tax (I-T) Department reportedly dug up 1,430 crores of unrecognized revenue during raids last week.

On Friday night, IT managers raided Amma’s Poes Garden residence, which died in December 2016. They allegedly seized a laptop, a desktop computer, and six USB keys from Jayalalithaa’s secretary’s desk and two rooms used by Sasikala. with the former chief minister.

Kamal haasan thought about starting his own political party. All eyes and ears were on Haasan’s big birthday announcement on November 7, but the actor canceled all hopes and did not announce his party. Instead, he announced the whistelblower application that was about to be launched, “maiyamwhistle,” which the public and its fans could use to expose government faults and loopholes.