Chandrababu Naidu suggested to the opposition YSR Congress to conduct his protests in New Delhi instead of creating public order problems in the capital Amaravati. Speaking to the Assembly on Monday, Naidu strongly opposed opposition parties demanding the Chalo Assembly rally and said it was unfair to target him on the issue. special status. He stated that the special category status was promised for the state, but that the Center had instead presented the special package.

He said after the “unscientific bifurcation”, he had to accept all the benefits that were offered to the state to help him recover from bifurcation losses, including the income deficit. He, too, wanted special category status, but could not refuse the special package offered by the Center, as the development of the state with the help of the Center in any way was important to him.

Naidu said he had worked hard to raise funds and develop the state and even visited ministers’ homes to seek funds. Even in the case of the Polavaram project, he had to take the additional risk of informing Union Minister Nitin Gadkari, who succeeded Uma Bharati. Opposition parties should have praised him for his work and helped him get more funds from the central government. Instead, the opposition parties were trying to create law and order problems in the state, which is already suffering from the aftermath of the bifurcation, he said.

Mr. Naidu thanked the Center for its financial support in various forms. He said the special category status or special package was useful for the state. Opposition parties could fight with the central government, he said.