The Minister of Information Technology, Panchayat Raj and Rural Development, Nara Lokesh, Monday criticized the Andhra Pradesh government’s criticism for selecting film personalities for the Nandi Awards. Interacting with the mediapersons after the adjournment of the PA assembly, Lokesh said only Telugus non-residents criticized the government. He said those who did not have a ration card or voter ID card were making negative comments about the government. “Those who sit in Hyderabad criticize the state government. Some leaders, who come by plane in the morning, protest and return home at night.

He said the Nandi awards were announced for three consecutive years after careful scrutiny and he lamented some critics of the jury’s decision. Lokesh expressed dissatisfaction with the unfavorable comments on the jury members. Earlier, the selection of movie personalities for the Nandi State Government Awards has been criticized by various people, including film personalities on various platforms such as social media.

The minister added that Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu had felt hurt because of criticism of the Nandi prices and added that the issue was disproportionate in the media. Stating that prizes had been awarded in the past, he wondered why the critics did not blame the previous government. He dismissed the criticism on the grounds that those who criticized the government were not residing in the state.